Meeting on the Sidelines of the CCAFS Negombo Meeting on Crop Modeling

Participants of the meeting

Participants of the meeting

Venue: Jetwing Sea Hotel, Negombo
Time: 9.30 – 1 pm 19th April 2012

Mr. K. Shanmuganathan (Sugar Cane Research Institute – SRI)
Ms. SandhyaKumari Ariyawansha (SRI)
Prof.  K.D.N. Weerasinghe (Ruhuna)
Dr. S. NareshKumar (Indian Agricultural Research Institute)
Dr. Amor Ines (International Research Institute for Climate and Societ0
Prof Kees Vandiepen (Wageningen University and Alterra)
Mr. Rob Lokers (Wageningen University and Alterra)
Zeenas Yahiya, Sewwandhi Chandrasekera, Madhura Weerasekers, Lareef Zubair (FECT)

Participants of the workshop

Participants of the workshop


  1. Debriefing on outcomes of the CCAFS workshop
  2. Review of AgMIP proposal and key first steps in  implementation
  3. Review of Existing Sugar cane model
  4.  Steps in setting up Crop models for Sugarcane and Rice
  5.  Follow up on climate sensitivity studies on sugar cane.
  6.  Other matters
Notes by Lareef:

We had a  useful meeting in Negombo following the CCAFS meeting on developing seasonal climate forecasts and crop models in April 2012- The main outcome relevant to AgMIP-SL from the CCAFS meeting is the outline proposal developed by the 5 Sri Lanka participants (2 from NRMC, one from RRDI, UoP and FECT) for training and capacity building for crop modeling for rice and maize for the next two years .  The resource person for the Sri Lanka proposal was Rob Lokers from Wgeningen University and Alterra who oversees the IT side of the crop modeling operations that are going on a Europe wide scale. Whether that gets funded and there is follow up is uncertain. CCAFS South Asia coordinator (Pramod Aggrawal) is involved with AgMIP in an advisory capacity so there shall be some coordination.

We followed up on all of the above agenda at least briefly.

If I were to capture the main focus of the meeting, it was on
– Introductions – among international resource persons and Sri Lanka team members, Discussion on potential contributions from international resource persons.
–  Review of key presentations from AgMIP South Asia meeting at Hyderabad.
– Review of our AgMIP proposal – focusing on the crop modeling and IT component
– Review of information in AgMIP site – those whom our resource persons know of personally. Nareshkumar is involved in some of the advisory panels

Dr. Nareshkumar

Dr. Nareshkumar

–  Detailed discussions on Crop Modeling – choices of crop models for rice and sugarcane, minimum data sets needed,
–  demonstration of Sugarcane Model by Shan,
Aquacrop model of FAO by Kees,  he has a close and long relationship with the developer
Toolkit for crop-climate relationships by Amor
–  Discussion on IT development needed with contributions from Rob – conceptual discussion on architecture and human resources of IT system for communicaiton among project team remotely, database development and interactions with international team

We did not spend time on some of the other topicsl such as economics, climate and capacity building – because of the composition of the attendees and also because we think that crop modeling and IT were the areas needing focus.

We am grateful to Amor, Kees, Rob, Nareshkumar for taking a whole morning with us and making some really valuable contributions and learing about the program and expressing their willingness to support us into the future.  I also have to thank the SRI and Ruhuna folks for coming a long way for the meeting.

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