Co-PI Meeting at Peradeniya April 2012

Center for Environmental Studies, University of Peradeniya, Sunday April 29, 9-12 am.
Attendance – BRV Punywardhene, K. Sanmuganathan,  P. Wickramagamage, WMW Weerakoon, S. Ratnayake, SP Nissanka and L. Zubair

1. Detailed Discussion on Response to AgMIP revisions
2. Discussion on follow up if funded.

Here are the main issues – if there is any more let me know. .

– the circulated drafts of Review Response was discussed
– nominees to the Steering Committee identified
– Suggestions to include others in Department of Agriculture and in the South Asia region was discussed.

– Sanjaya described the opportunities for collaboration based on cloud computing.

– Shan   described the genesis of his sugar cane crop model 20 years back and its present use and future plans.

2. Discussions on thinking ahead if  funded
– SUBCONTRACTS- options for  sub-contracts to participating organizations  .
– Administering through different organizations was discussed.
– QUICK RECRUITMENT Possibilities for recruitment discussed –
– ACCESSIBLE PROJECT OFFICE,  opportunity for a project office was discussed.

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