AgMIP TOA-MD Workshop in Dubai

Workshop Participants

Workshop Participants

AgMIP workshop for regional teams on TOA-MD modeling was held in Dubai from 29th April to 3rd May 2013. The goal of the workshop was to review and build on the fast-track analysis to implement a complete climate impact assessment and technology adaptation analysis for at least one regional case study for each regional team.


  • AgMIP Econ Leadership Team: John Antle and Roberto Valdivia
  • ICRISAT: N. Swamikannu
  • Origon State University: Caleb Dickson
  • Sri Lanka: P. Samaratunga, R. Herath, D. Herath and E. Wijekoon
  • Southern Africa- CLIP: Sabine Homann, Lieven Claessens, Arthur Chibwana
  • South Africa: Charles Nhemachena, Mogos Teweldemedhin
  • West Africa: Joseph Amikuzuno, Ibrahima Hathie
  • East Africa: Richard Mulwa, K. Mutabazi, J. Bonowana and K. Gebru
  • Indo Gangetic Basin: Harbir Singh, Dinesh Thapa, Gokul Paudel
  • South India: P. Paramasivam, R. Balasubramanian, S. Kumar, S. prema
  • Pakistan: M. Ashfaq, S. A. A. Naqvi, I.A. Baig 

The workshop started with introductions and objectives from the AgMIP leaders. then each regional team made a presentation on their fast track reports followed by a discussion on data and modeling issues.  Second day sessions began with a presentation outlined an approach for calculating future relative and predicted yields and variation across time and space. Next regional teams worked on finalizing their fast track reports. Third day began with a review of the previous day’s progress and issues.Sabine- Homann- Kee gave a presentation on livestock modeling, livestock-crop integrated systems, strategies for calculating parameters for TOA-MD.

During the next part of the session, the regional teams gave reports on the development of their Representative Agricultural Pathways (RAPs) . Fourth day started with a lession on using TOA-MD to assess climate change impacts under different adaptation scenarios by John Antle . Then Lieven Claessens shared his experiences on a study which developed climate change adaptation scenarios for small farmers in Kenya. Next regional teams were given charge to develop adaptation scenarios and day concluded with a discussion on publication plans.

Final Day regional teams presented reports on there progress from the workshop. The session concluded with a discussion on how the project will proceed, publication plans and revisions to AgMIP handbook.

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