AgMIP South Asia Midterm Review Workshop in Nepal


AgMIP Leaders and Stakeholders from South Asia Region

AgMIP South Asia regional research and coordination team midterm review workshop was held form 22nd  to 26th July 2013 at Hotel Annapurna, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The goals of this workshop were;

  • Demonstrate the full ans completion of the fast track
  • Ensure the each team has clear work plan to achieve full project goals, including the engagement of technical stakeholder
  • Work on post fast track integrated assessment and analyses
  • Develop plan for dissemination of AgMIP results to inform stakeholder actions
Workshop participants

Workshop participants

This workshop was provided an opportunity for the regional research teams to present and review their overall progress and climate, crop and economic modeling work in detail via disciplinary breakout sessions. Workshop was provided the guidance on planning and executing the fuller assessments that each regional team initiated.

In addition organizing committee provided an opportunity for regional scientists to get an practical understanding on Nepal Agricultural Systems via field visit.

Field Visit participants

Field Visit participants

Officials from Nepal Department of Agriculture, Farmer

Officials from Nepal Department of Agriculture, Farmers and AgMIP Regional  Research Scientists

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