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Agmip Reference

References [D I1] Abeysekera, S. W. and D.S. De. Z. Abeysiriwardena. (n.d.).  Recent development in hybrid rice research in Sri Lanka. Rice research and Development Institute, Batalagoda, Ibbagamuwa, Sri Lanka. [G2] Available at Accessed April 23, 2013. Agstat. 2010. … Continue reading

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Climate by Numbers

BY MICHAEL SPECTER It was nearly impossible to drive the back roads of southern Indiana this summer without being lulled into a trance by the monotonous perfection of the cornstalks. They lined every route, forming a canopy that stretched for … Continue reading

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Banning Glyphosate – Shooting The Sentinel To Save The Weeds?

  A news item states that the Task-force on Kidney Disease of unknown origin (CKDU) has got the government to ban, a harmless herbicide, in agricultural provinces like Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and Badulla.   “Doing something” about CKDU  has become a  political  necessity. But  … Continue reading

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Seeds of Doubt-An activist’s controversial crusade against genetically modified crops.

Early this spring, the Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva led an unusual pilgrimage across southern Europe. Beginning in Greece, with the international Pan-Hellenic Exchange of Local Seed Varieties Festival, which celebrated the virtues of traditional agriculture, Shiva and an entourage of … Continue reading

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The New Yorker, GMOs and Chemical Farming Gunning for Vandana Shiva

by LOUIS PROYECT Perhaps nothing symbolizes the decline of the New Yorker magazine more than the hatchet job on Vandana Shiva that appears in the latest issue. Written by Michael Specter, the author of “Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific … Continue reading

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Seeds of Truth Dr. Vandana Shiva (A response to the article ‘Seeds of Doubt’ by Michael Specter in The New Yorker) I am glad that the future of food is being discussed, and thought about, on farms, in homes, on … Continue reading

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