ERA Conference (Colombo 2014)

PI contributes to South Asia Biosafety Meeting on Climate Change

The PI was invited to present on the implications of climate change at the
South Asia Meeting on Biosafety organized by the
International Life Sciences Institute with funding from USAID.

The meeting was co-organized by the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy and the Minister Susil Premajantha
and Deputy Minister A.R.M. Cader were guests of honor. The Commercial Attache of the US Embassy in Colombo also addressed the opening sessions.

The presentation by the PI is at Original link- Click Here

Pdf version – Click Here

PowerPointversion- Click Here

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Summary of the presentation

Dr Lareef Zubair

This presentation shall provide an overview of climate and climate change assessments, and climate impacts and adaptation in South Asia.  Climate change assessments may be made based on historical records or climate indicators such as tree rings or be from projections from global climate models. The character of these projections for South Asia of late shall be described. The impacts of climate variability on agriculture shall be illustrated with examples –    inferences shall be drawn about the impact of climate change. The skillfulness of these climate models when used with contemporary crop models to assess agricultural productivity shall be described through examples. Through this presentation and interactions, my hope is to develop a sharper understanding of what is known, the information needs, the gaps in available information and the limitations within which impact assessment of agricultural productivity due to climate change is likely to be undertaken.

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