AgMIP Sri Lanka Team

AgMIP Sri Lanka Team

A diverse team from various leading organizations would engaged in the project;

  • Foundation for Environment Climate and Technology

Dr. Lareef Zubair, Principal Scientist (AgMIP Sri Lanka Project lead, PI)
Ms. Zeenas Yahiya, Manager (Investigator)
Ms. Sewwandhi  Chandrasekara, Research Scientist (Investigator)
Mr. Prabodha  Agalawatte, Research Scientist (Investigator)
Mr. Dumindu Herath, Research Scientist (Investigator)
Ms. Erandika Wijekoon, Research Economist (Investigator)
Mr. Yasas Harischandra, Research Scientist (Investigator)
Mr. Janan Visvanathan, IT Administrator  (Investigator)
Mr. Sanjeya Ratnayake Research Scientist (Investigator)
Ms. Ranmalee Bandara, Research Scientist (FECT) and Lecturer in Geomatics, Sabragamuwa University, (Investigator)

  •  University of Peradeniya

Dr. S.P. Nissanka, Senior Lecturer in Crop Science (co-leadership, PI)
Prof. P. Wickramagamage, Senior Lecturer (co-PI)
Dr. C. Walgampaya, Senior Lecturer (Investigator)
Mr. S. Deegalle, Lecturer(Investigator)

  •  Sugarcane Research Institute

Dr. A.P. Keerthipala, Deputy Director- Research(co-PI)
Ms. Sandya Ariyawansa, Biometrician (co-PI)
 Mr. A.L.C. DeSilva, Crop Physiologist (Investigator)
Mr. K. Sanmuganathan (Investigator)           

  • Department of Agriculture

Dr. W.M.W. Weerakoon, Director, FCRDI, DoA (Co-PI)
Dr. B.V.R. Punyawardhene, Agro-Meteorologist, NRMC, DoA (Co-PI)
Dr. R.M. Herath, Senior Agricultural Economist, SEPC, DoA (Investigator) 
Mr. Chamila Perera, FCRDI, DoA (Investigator)
Ms. Punya Delpitiya, DoA, (Investigator)

  • University of Ruhuna

Prof. K.D.N. Weerasinghe (Investigator)
Prof. Champa Nawarathna, (Investigator)
Mr. Navoda Mihiraj, (Research Assistant)
Mr. Thilina (Research Assistant)

  • Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Mr. Janaka Gunarathna, Faculty of Agriculture
Mr. Chaminda Egodawatte

  • Collaborators

Mr. Vidhura Ralapanawe, General Manager, MAS
Dr. A. Kankanamge, Senior Lecturer, University of Peradeniysa
Dr. P. A. Samaratunga, Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies
Dr. Gamini Seneviratne, Institute of Fundamental Studies
Mr. Samal Dharmarathne, Project Officer, Kotmale International Training Institute

  • International  Collaborators

Dr. Lieven Claessens, Principal Scientist, Natural Resources, ICRAF, Nairobi 
Dr. Neil Devadasan, Director, Polis Centre, Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ. Indianopolis
Dr. Sarith Mahanama, Associate Research Scientist, NASA GSFC, Greenbelt,MD
Dr. Amor Ines, Associate Research Scientist, IRI, Columbia University, New York
Dr. Sahan Dissanayake, Assistant Professor, Economics, Colby College, Maine

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